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About Us

Bible Baptist Church of Molokai is an Independent Baptist Church located on the west end in the island of Molokai in the town of Maunaloa. We are a church that is centered around the Word of God (the pillar and ground of truth), believes the importance of the preaching God’s Word, and know the Bible is the only foundational block for every facet of life. We believe that our local church is here to evangelize the lost, educate the Christian, encourage the saints, and establish other local churches. It would be our honor for you to join us in worshiping the Lord!

Purpose Statement

Striving to live blameless, acceptable lives for Jesus Christ, Bible Baptist Church of Molokai is a charitable organization of Bible-Believing Christians located in Maunaloa, Hawaii to educate in religion and spiritual matters. We are also here to do what can for the communities and people on Molokai, the state of Hawaii, the United States of America and the uttermost parts of the world.

We accomplish this by meeting regularly in an organized church service which include prayer to God the Father by our Lord Jesus Christ, Bible-based spiritual music, Strong Doctrinal Teaching, and Scriptual preaching.


Ram Olanday

Pastor Olanday got saved at nine years old. While attending Montreal Bible Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Larry Theofanopoulos, He was called to preach. He completed high school at Lighthouse Christian Academy, Pastor worked two full-time jobs as a meat processor and dock worker loading truck-trailers. He attended and helped at Cornerstone Baptist Church during that time. It was then, God spoke to his heart about going to Bible Institute, and he graduated from Treasure Valley Baptist Institute in 2015. In 2016, he joined Ko’olau Baptist Church and was ordained in October of that year. He then moved to Molokai and started Bible Baptist Church of Molokai was started on January 8th, 2017.